coi rodo 

Howdy, 'yall! 

Yes, something should go here, in theory -- probably links. Naaaw -- you want 'em, you get to look through the body text. Can't make things too easy, can we? 

Having one's web presence spread out far and wide is not much fun -- one needs to actually remember where one has a profile and such. Hence, this site -- a central location to link to the rest of our presence.  After all, if we're going to be telling total strangers all about our personal lives, we might as well make it all easy to find.

 If you know of anywhere we have personal pages &c. which aren't linked here, feel free to let us know. Our email addresses should be obvious, given a bit of thought.


 For the open source projects I maintain, see my freshmeat page. (Okay, the ones I'm actively maintaining aren't listed on freshmeat right now -- but they will be, eventually; the projects presently listed are pretty much dead). I also exist on SourceForge, but there's not much content there -- I don't plan on using them for new hosting, as I vastly prefer Trac.

I'm mostly a Python coder these days (see my resume for more details); I consider the language fun to write. ${EMPLOYER} pays me to spend my days having fun! (Well, when they're not paying me to attend meetings. Those suck).